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LED Signage
S-Tech Group is in the design, supply and installation of indoor and outdoor LED screens, LED signs, LED variable message signs (VMS) and other visual display and communication systems, including outdoor LCD video walls.

S-Tech's knowledge of LED technology, electronics and LED signage comes from many years experience in the electronic sign industry. The rapid development of LED technology in recent times has allowed the use of digital information to be displayed on indoor and outdoor LED screens and LED signs. These can be updated quickly, allowing for up to the minute news and advertisements to be seen 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year, even in the direct sunlight.

S-Tech has taken advantage of the new opportunities brought about by the advances in LED technology through its supply of LED components from Panasonic Ltd (Taiwan), one of the world leading electronics and LED manufacturers.

S-Tech uses the best Japanese components to manufacture top quality LED video screens under the Screentech brand name. This enables S-Tech's customers to use S-Tech high quality products and enjoy significant price savings.

This results in getting high quality product and significant
Below are S-Tech's LED signage products: