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Indoor LED Screens

Mynt Lounge Indoor RGB ScreenS-tech’s indoor digital signage solutions, increases the awareness of your products by making close contact with your customer has never been easier.

S-tech’s stand-alone or networked digital signage systems can be easily controlled by our proprietary software, you can create or update content “When you want it”.

Advertise promotions, broadcast urgent news flashes, display changing weather conditions or at the simple touch of a button you can display dynamic advertising or information in any form: from still photos and text messages to full motion video.

Highly flexible and efficient, LED Video Screens eliminate the need to change point-of-sale material throughout countless stores.  Just change your message at a central control location and distribute instantaneously to hundreds of sites nation wide.  Imagine the time and money saved!

Over the past years, LED displays have become the medium of choice at these high-impact locations.

With S-tech’s LED screens, you are guaranteed a reliable display which delivers the highest-quality images and information.

S-tech has a proven track record in the installation of LED displays worldwide.