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Solar Powered Street Lighting

S-Tech design, manufacture and install solar LED street lights for use in areas that do not have access to mains power or are used as temporary lighting areas.

Our solar LED street light installations cover a variety of uses including lighting for streets, airport, ports, parks, car parks and mine sites.

Superior Features

  • Power: 40w
  • Advanced thermo-fluid cooling system without power and fan for high LED light performance and long life operation.
  • Intensive high power LED array with proprietary optical lens to comply with lighting are and photometric requests.
  • IP65 rated housing
  •  Using DC12V deep-cycling sealed lead acid battery
  • Built in system regulator inside junction box for harsh environment
  • Solar module protection of reverse high voltage
  • Maximum charging and discharging protection with battery
  • LED light protection
  • Ambient light detection for automatic LED Light ON/OFF